More than the Name
16 Pennslyvania Ave Bethany Beach, DE, 19930

The name Japanesque suggests a shop delicately accented with paper lanterns, porcelain and pottery, zen gardens and teapots. That would be true, except that Japanesque is so much more than its name implies.30 years with a stunning collection of clothing from labels such as Simply Silk, Tianello, Tango Mango, Windriver and Karen Hart among the 30 designers and houses whose work it carries.

Japanesque also features a large selection of jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories from Fae Fetched, Tomas, Aid Through Trade, Boma and many others – that ranges from fun to funky to elegantly simple.

And yes, in addition to the lamps, lanterns and teapots, Japanesque has an extensive gift selection that includes, silk ties, wind chimes, bags, books and wall hangings.

As if that weren’t sufficient evidence of just how diverse Japanesque’s offerings are, it also has a “Hello Kitty” collection, featuring backpacks, watches, lunch bags and much more.


Japanesque is more than the name. Of that there is no doubt.


Open Daily 9am - 9pm during the summer.