Miller's Creek

Great selection of collectibles, cards,candles,gifts, homemade fudge plus an entire building of wicker and even a hair salon.
613 Atlantic Avenue, Millville,DE 19967

      Few establishments can resonate the enduring tradition and comfort you find at Miller’s Creek, along Route 26 in Millville, DE. For the better part of three decades, the shops have been outfitting homes with elegant decor, timeless collectibles and eye-appealing furniture, and owner Debby Evans aims to continue doing so for years to come.

            “I’ve seen second and third generations return,” Evans said. “The children who came in here, nearly 30 years ago, are now bringing their families back.”

            Whether searching for a rustic country and cottage feel, reminiscent of the Sussex County heritage, or an ambiance that echos the sounds and aromas of the Delaware seashore, located just minutes down the road, Miller’s Creek has it all covered. Indoor and outdoor wicker furniture can accent a cozy living room or a relaxing patio or porch, while illustrious armoires, dressers and cabinetry can bring character to any room in the home.

            Stationaries, decorative gifts and wicker furniture trace the shop’s history, when it was first opened as “The Gift Spot” by Jim and Electa Evans in 1954. The neighboring store, which served as a hardware store until 1989, mirrors the antiquated, homestyle feel of the gifts and decor that line the shelves. Hallmark cards and Yankee candles continue to be some of the best sellers at Miller’s Creek, while other recognizable lines - like Byers Choice carolers, Tervis Tumblers, Jim Shore collectibles, and figurines by Department 56 and Willow Tree - have made their way onto the shelves over the years, as well.

            Evans has also managed to envelop her customer’s experience with a hospitable quality at the shops, too. A beauty parlor in the back of the store, complete with a full line of salon products, brings a social opulence to Miller’s Creek. “I had a salon where I lived, but as business was increasing at the shops,” Evans said, “I wanted to bring that comfort to me.” Fresh, homemade fudge, Asher’s chocolates and old-fashioned candies, available right at the store, can be the perfect cap for a shopper’s sweet tooth, too.

            Holidays serve a prominent business season for Evans and her staff, with visits from the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, but Miller’s Creek has become a year-round destination for most customers, whether accentuating a local residence, a second-home  at the beach or a spot back in a neighboring metropolis. “We’ve got a very big local clientele,” said Evans, “which helps us keep busy through the holiday months, but with the recent development, there is also a great influx of customers in the summertime, too. Our seasonal shoppers are constantly growing, and sometimes, they’re looking for things for their homes back in the city.”

            One of the features that has given Miller’s Creek its neighborly feel is their continuing service with wholesalers throughout the region. While Evans is constantly adorning her shop with the latest trends in collectibles and accents, a familiarity still resonates in the classic style that has been there for years. “Even after 30 years,” Evans noted, “we are still working with the same wholesalers in places as far as Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We get a lot of our products on our own, and pass the savings onto the customer.


            So, whether you’re looking for that perfect wicker piece to pull a room together or a decorative accent to give guests that welcoming feel, or maybe you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can take comfort in knowing that it’s all available for you at Miller’s Creek.  Doors are open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. through 4 p.m.